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mercredi 3 février 2010

Update Firmware of your Samsung LED TV


Since a few months, I bought a Samsung LED TV series 7 (UE46B7000).

After having a quick look at Samsung's website, I found that we could update the firmware of the TV. As I always want my products being up to date, I tried directly.

The process is quite simple : you download the update file from the web, you format a USB key to have it completely empty (I used FAT16), then you launch the downloaded file and you specify to execute the extraction on your USB stick.

After that, you just plug the key into your TV, go to the Update Firmware menu and... the TV was always telling me "cannot find update files".

So I started to search on the web, I found forums speaking about the USB key to use, how to format it : FAT32 instead of default FAT16,...
I tried but it was still not OK.

Finally, I found the solution ! In fact, when I go in the samsung website of my contry, I can download the firmware for my TV UE46B7000. This firmware is T-CHU7DEUC.
But in fact, this is the wrong firmwware !
Indeed, if you look at the rear of the TV, there is a sticker that specify the model as UE46B7000WP. And morre over, if you go in the menu "Contact Samsung" on the TV, on the page 2 it says firmware version : T-CHUCIPDEUC.

So what to do ?

Well go to Samsung Global Download Center : From the menu below, browse to find the exact model of your TV. In my case : UE46B7000WP.
Then you are able to download the correct firmware for your TV.

So I downloaded the file, extract it on the USB key, plug on the TV and perform the upgrade. It worked without any problem !


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